Freelancing may seem like a newish concept but it has been a mainstay of the legal profession for years. Many lawyers have worked solo; attracting clients through referrals and reputation. By this standard, freelance lawyers are a really good bet and with the explosion of technology more online marketplaces such a LegalZoom have started attracting more attention with a new way of delivering legal services. 


The reality is, however, some freelance marketplace feel spammy and sometimes borderline fraudulent. There is a lack of trust, community standards and quality control, where the user has to establish trust in the service provider rather than the platform. This is exceptionally bad for professional services like lawyers and consultants. 






Traditional law firms have been able to hold their own and it's unlikely that they will disappear from the landscape. 


When building a company, you require so many skills and expertise to drive your decision-making process. The high costs of retaining a lawyer or firms often make it seem as if competent legal services are out of reach of most business owners. If you are not well connected with someone in the legal world it can be much harder to select a legal service provider. 


This means thousands of business go months without legal experts who can assist them with tasks as simple as the developing contracts. In simplest terms, it's like not having insurance for your business making it one really bad lawsuit or settlement away from financial ruin. 


The good news is that this problem is not hard to solve. 


Queritel.com is a market network that connects businesses and investors to vetted high-value experts in legal services and business intelligence. 










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