Everything You Knew About Retail Customers has Changed!


In these uncertain times, the Queritel team has been collecting and sharing the stories of customers to help you provide better and safer customer experiences. Before Covid-19, shoppers used customer service when they decided where to spend their money. Since the pandemic, other areas of the customer experience have become more important to shoppers. 


In June 2020, Queritel collected the stories of 3000 people in Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia) and the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Belize). We wanted to know about their retail shopping experiences and how this has changed due to the global pandemic.


With retail shoppers shifting more to online transactions, we noted an increase in the demand for essential items such as food, water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, medication, etc.  Physical shopping was seen as risky by customers in Latin America and the Caribbean and have increased their online shopping by 51%. We wanted to know if this shift in behavior continues after the pandemic? We found that despite the increase in online shopping, 85% of our respondents indicated they still go to physical stores to purchase essential items. You can read more by downloading our report here. 



What will get people to return to retail stores going forward?


Customers in Latin America and the Caribbean are ready for life to return to normal but are unlikely to return to a store unless changes are made to stores that enhance their safety while shopping.  


For 61% of respondents, cleanliness is the most significant consideration when making an in-store purchase. Customers want to see that stores care about their wellbeing and are doing their best to prevent the spread of this pandemic. It’s about taking customer experience to the next level. You can find out more about the changes recommended by respondents in the full report.


One significant customer segment for retail stores is women; from our research, they have been hit the hardest in this pandemic. You can read about this topic in more detail in an earlier blog.


We anticipate more shifts to come as economies reopen and travel resumes Queritel will continue to collect the stories from local communities to provide retailers with the data they need to know to bring customers back into the stores.


To find out how Queritel can help your business understand and plan for the changes happening with your customer segments during this pandemic you can visit queritel.com or set up a meeting directly at meet.queritel.com/


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