According to the Economist, 47% of the jobs that exist today won’t exist in the next 25 years, so the student completing their degree or just entering the labour force may find it increasingly difficult to have a long lasting career, let alone a job that pays all their bills. 

To supplement this gap in between what is being paid for work and expenses that continue to grow, more people have turned to use their existing assets and skills to generate new income and in effect disrupting old industries and creating new labour pools. For example, many have started renting their spare room on Airbnb or becoming drivers for rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber. 

This is just the latest chapter in the rise of the freelance economy which may come to define the work life of many Millennials and Gen Zs. The freelance economy has always existed but has really taken off when technology and the internet have made it possible for people and customers to access services that would have taken a long time to find and activate. 

With the advent of sites like craigslist and freelancer.com more complex and niche service jobs are available for everyday skilled, semi-skilled and even highly skilled to access. The next step in the freelance market is the centralization of skills that require human to human interactions such as, healthcare, education, market research, and others. 

The Early Bird Catches The Worm.

Platforms like Queritel.com allow young and financially independent-minded people to access opportunities to earn income to supplement and in some cases support their cost of living. With Queritel freelance researchers earn between from $45 USD at an entry level to over $90 USD for conducting 10-15 minute surveys with 25 people within their community or locations nearby. An active field researcher with Queritel completing at least 10-15 assignments over a 4 week period could earn up to $1,350 USD in half the time of full 9-5 work week. 

The money earned from doing jobs on platforms like queritel.com can go a long way in not just covering bills, but getting that vacation you really wanted, investing into new streams of income or even getting the capital needed to start your own business. 

The benefits of freelance networks are not just financial but also offer professional and skill development that is invaluable and transferable to new opportunities you would like to pursue. For instance, working with queritel.com you gain access to a wide range of training material in understanding consumer material and skill development courses and certification for free once you are a registered service provider even if you decide never to take a job. 

What is sure over the next two decades even though the culture of work will change new opportunities for flexible work or earning extra income will emerge and those of us who are the early movers would end up gaining the most experience that can be cashed in for more high-value opportunities in the future. 

To sign up to be a freelancer with Queritel visit www.apply.queritel.com and search for jobs in your area. Remember to share with a friend or two.


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