Queritel Field Insights 

Queritel Field Insights allow clients to scale freelance research teams to physically conduct surveys or observations (in stores, homes, streets, companies, communities, commercial districts or cities anywhere in the world) and have those insights uploaded in real time while receiving contextual intelligence from Queritel Library. Queritel is reducing the data risk businesses face when starting, investing or expanding. Reliance on the wrong information, seriously damages business prospects. To get accurate information, it’s important to use authoritative data from trusted sources.

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We find that Queritel Field Insights works particularly well for:  

  •  ◘ Customer Satisfaction Studies 
  •  ◘ Customer Profiling
  •  ◘ User Experience Studies
  •  ◘ Market Validation Studies
  •  ◘ Product-Market Fit Studies
  •  ◘ Education Feedback Studies
  •  ◘ Expansion Studies
  •  ◘ Market Penetration Studies 
  •  ◘ Monitoring and Evaluations of Events/Services
  •  ◘ Sponsorship Return on Investment (ROI) studies
  •  Social Return on Investment (SROI) studies
  •  ◘ Brand Perception Studies
  •  ◘ Political Polls
  •  ◘ Public Opinion Polls
Service Providers (Vetted Freelance Experts):
  • ◘ Freelance Field Researchers

Get the Best Data:

Gathering great data at speed to improve your service delivery, products, events and programmes can make understanding how your organization or group can create a more positive user experience.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

Monitoring and Evaluation is an aspect of business or event planning often overlooked often times having feedback from users after using your product or weeks after attending your event. Queritel Field Insights allows businesses and event planners to apply monitoring and evaluation techniques during or right after an event.


Queritel Field Insights is a data gathering which uses freelance field researchers to collect data for our clients at predetermined locations and times. Questions for the project are designed by the client, freelance research designers and personnel at queritel.com.

The cost for the service is largely dependent on 3 key factors:

  • 1. Number of unique responders needed
  • 2. Number of Locations required
  • 3. Number and type  of Questions

Queritel Field Insights when deployed locations will show where each data point (response) was collected creating a geo-spatial map of collected data from polls or survey (see below). 

Fig. 1 

What makes Queritel Different? 

One of the greatest asset is gathering really localized information, we noticed that this was a missing piece of data collection for number of organizations. How do they ensure their survey is being done by the target demographic, from the right place at the right time? Queritel.com offers  hyper-localized insights and data mapping at internet speed. Clients using Queritel.com can theoretically survey from specific buildings, streets, cities or even countries from anywhere in the world. 

1️⃣ Client Creates Field Insights Task

2️⃣ Client selects Locations, Time of Day (they want to run the project), Number of Unique Respondents (Representative Sample or Not!), Number of Questions.

3️⃣ Client can submit their own survey or poll for review or Request a Freelance Researcher Designer living in the context to design one

4️⃣ Client can submit their own Deployment Plan for review or Request a Freelance Researcher living in the context to design one

5️⃣ Field Insights Project is priced and if agreed by client, sent out freelance field researchers in the pre-determined locations for them to accept

6️⃣ Field Researchers collect the required data via mobile. Client receives a private portal to view data collected in real time

7️⃣ Queritel delivers final report with Contextual Intelligence from Queritel Library

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4 

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