Imagine an insight community made up of thousands of highly engaged, opted-in customers and prospects. Queritel Feedback Stream (a feature of our Get InsightsTM platform) is the customer insights platform that uncovers agile, actionable, first-party data from the right people at the right time—at scale.


Make better, data-backed decisions with fast, agile, and iterative feedback


Engage deeply profiled customers who have given their consent to participate in ongoing activities in full compliance with regulatory requirements.



 Our Impact





increase in order value decrease in customer churn improvement on marketing campaign metrics  products to market


Align around the customer and bring customer-centric strategies to life 


·      Engage hard to reach, well-profiled customers at scale

·      Uncover customer validated, data-backed insight in real time

·      Complement and enhance transactional and behavioral data

·      Deliver a personalized, on-brand insight gathering experience

·      Accelerate and improve product innovation

Shorten feedback loops and accelerate the product innovation cycle by collecting iterative ongoing feedback in hours or days, not weeks and months.


·      Incorporate agile insight into every step of your development process to inform product strategy, prioritize feature development and user experience decisions.

·      Streamline your workflow and prioritize customer validated feature requests

·      Dig into telemetry data to continuously iterate and

·      improve product development

·      Proactively identify customer requests by exploring indicators from other data sources


Increase marketing effectiveness

·      Identify shifting customer priorities and improve campaign targeting by learning the motivation behind the buying behaviors of your target customers.

·      Understand who your customers are and dispel institutionalized assumptions about buying segments with customer data

·      Identify new placement, product, pricing and promotional opportunities that drive topline growth

·      Improve customer recapture rates and pull lost customers back into the marketing funnel


Organize customer experience programs

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by zeroing in on key moments of truth from your customers’ perspective. Focus your energy and resources on the most critical touch points of the customer journey where experiences are crystallized and decisions are being made.


·      Improve key measures of customer satisfaction, like NPS and CSAT

·      Create memorable, positive customer experiences at critical touchpoints

·      Leverage data in loyalty programs and CRM systems to align the business around a unified customer profile

·      Uncover attitudes and opinions that are barriers to loyalty and retention


Engage with consent and compliance

Queritel’s customer insights platform allows you to engage with well-profiled, carefully segmented customers in full compliance with privacy regulations.Through the platform you can recruit, validate and verify with your customers that they have knowingly opted-in and consented to share data. The data they do provide is never shared or sold. We do not anonymize customer data and none of our third-party partners have access to that data. We use industry best practices to keep data safe and ensure our process are up-to-date and compliant.  

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