We have 4300+ Market and Industry Researchers and 2500+ Legal Service Providers in 60+ areas of Expertise with clients in 22 countries. Through our network you can conduct market validation and outsource critical legal work with the push of a button.
96% of business research and legal jobs remain offline, we are creating a curated space for these professionals to work effectively. The world is moving at an incredibly fast pace, and with it information, localized data, insights, and context have a shorter shelf life. More than ever before, there is a constant need to be in the know. Queritel bridges that gap by providing access to the local service providers who are best positioned to help de-risk opportunities. 

Queritel.com has executed over 5000+ jobs in 2018 and in the coming years we look to expand the reach of our network across the developed and developing world on a geographic-by-geographic basis. 

How are we different from the competition?

Unlike other marketplaces or freelance websites, Queritel service providers are experienced professionals who have been screened and verified by our rigorous systems.
We combine the best of marketplaces and professional networks in a way that just works for anyone in business or investment looking for local expertise to inform their decision making. 

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