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I am a research professional with more than 14 years experience conducting both quantitative and qualitative research on a wide variety of topics, for a range of clients in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, Latin America, the USA, the UK and Canada. These include major clients in the medical, alcoh...

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I have excelled in the art of Up Sell and Cross Sell of products, services and consultation practices for my clientele which earned my organization, the company I worked ar multimillion dollar contract. Thoughtful leadership and innovative ideas with ‘out of the box’ solutions drive me...

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I have Project Management Experieince that makes me a great addition to your team as well as it makes me a great leader for your virtual team of workers.

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A highly motivated and passionate individual with strong technical and communications skills with over 8 years of experience in project management, operational and strategic management. Excellent business acumen, easily adaptable to a dynamic environment and has desire to obtain a challenging leade...

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